FATECH FV25B surge arrester have successfully passed TUV certification

Recently, there is good news came from our company's R&D center that our FV25B surge arrester products, have successfully passed T Ü V product certification.

  1. 1 phase Iimp 25kA Type 1+2 AC surge protective device SPD --- FV25B/1+NPE-255S

  2. 3 phase Iimp 25kA Type 1+2 AC surge arrester ---FV25B/3+NPE-255S

TUV certification is a more stringent and authoritative certification than EU CE certification, and the effectiveness of certification is greatly expanded. The business scope of T Ü V certification mainly includes product certification, system certification, inspection, industrial services, and so on. Products certified by TUV can freely circulate within the EU member states, and many overseas customers specify that products need to pass TUV certification.

The TUV certification agency conducted comprehensive and rigorous testing and inspection on our two SPD products, FV25B/1+NPE-255S and FV25B/3+NPE-255S, in accordance with strict TUV product certification standards and the latest testing standards of IEC61643-11, for nearly three months. Our two SPD products, FV25B/1+NPE-255S and FV25B/3+NPE-255S, fully comply with relevant standards and have ultimately passed the rigorous requirements and testing of TUV certification bodies, demonstrating our company's profound technical strength and product quality.

The TUV certification passed this time will further increase customer confidence in our products, enhance the international recognition and reputation of the FATECH brand, broaden our doors to the international market, and lay a solid foundation for our company to become an excellent international company!