Here are videos of Fatech, products user's instruction, and our products testing in our in-house testing lab, for you to know more of us and our products.

1. Fatech new factory introduction video.
Fatech moved into new factory in the middle of year 2022, occupied about 2000 square meters, new test center including 25kA 10/350μS impulse generator, 1.2/50μS 20kV impulse generator. 

2. How surge protective device protect your equipment.

This vedio showes you how surge protective device protect your equipment.
From the vedio you can see, with SPD installed, the bulb is working in good condition, but after pulling SPD without installation, the bulb is damaged.
It is tested by FATECH
FPT15-I. Please click here to view the video.

3. Lightning counter test video (FLRC-S/II), please click here 

Before the testing, the counter number is "11", during the testing, after surge generating, you can see the number changed to "12". The lightning counter record lightning times successfully.

4.  Fatech new lightning counter with reset function FLRC-S/R tested by portable surge generator FPT15-I, please click here

5. 10/350us 50kA test video (FV50B/1-275S), please click here

6. 8/20us 40kA test video (FV20C/4-275S), please click here

7. 8/20us 80kA test vedio, FVB12.5B+C/1-275S please click here.

8. Surge counter FLRC-L/II wiring instruction, for English version, please click here; for Chinese version, please click here;

9. Surge counter FLRC-L (FLRC-L/II) user's instruction video, please click here

For software installation guideline, please click here

SPD tester SPD888 user's instruction video, please click here and here

11. Thermal stability test vedio for LED street light surge protection module, please click here.