Fatech photovoltaic surge arresters features

Photovoltaic (solar panels) arrays are costly to install and demanding in terms of technology. Their service life is in the decades to return the invested funds. Manufacturers usually provide about twenty-year warranty for photovoltaic systems.
To provide trouble-free technology throughout its service life, it is necessary to anticipate comprehensive photovoltaic surge protection against atmospheric and induced overvoltage already at the design stage of the technology and implementation of the project. Photovoltaic lightning protection must be provided not only at the output side of the inverter, but also at the photovoltaic panels.
FATECH photovoltaic surge arresters for protection photovoltaic systems are particularly suitable for,
-          modular systems with pluggable modules for easy maintenance.
-          Mechanical photovoltaic surge protectors status indicator with safety reserves.
-          Fitted with remote control contacts for monitoring the operating status.
-          No follow current
-          No risk of + and – inversion.