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Impulse Current Generator

Item No: FCL-120
- Impulse current generator 120kA 8/20us,suitable for test surge protection products, metal oxide varistors (MOV), gas discharge tubes (GDT).
- Generator design has large current margin, the charge and discharge hundreds of thousands of times in life.
- AC constant current source charging, transformer bridge rectifier, the capacitor voltage linearly increased, and impact on the capacitor are small, and reduce the power consumption of the device.
- Using cylinder discharge, discharge of high-density graphite ball processing, discharge, reliable, maintenance-free, anti-erosion discharge the ball.
- controlled by PLC, operator interface with 7-inch color touch screen, the touch screen to set the discharge voltage, discharge frequency, time interval, and can touch the screen to perform manual operation and automatic operation, bar graph displays the remaining time, and control is more advanced.

Product Description

The impulse current generator is combined from high voltage main circuit, the test product cabinet, control cabinet and so on. Charging part is adopting AC constant current source. AC adapter output through the bridge rectifier to the capacitor after the charge. Off the power or press the "emergency stop" button, all the high-voltage power transformers and capacitors by ground water resistance grounded cylinder. Capacitor discharge and transfer back to the routing wave resistance, inductance modulation wave form. The impact of using Rogowski coil current sensor, voltage divider with residual pressure of Taiwan 1000:1 high voltage probe, pulse voltage, current through the two-channel digital storage oscilloscope Tektronix displayed simultaneously.
The control is achieved by OMRON PLC, operator interface with 7-inch color LCD touch screen. The touch screen is set the discharge voltage, discharge frequency, time interval and so on.

Testing Lab. requirement
Power supply: Single phase, 240V/5kVA
Air pressure: 0.4MPa, 0.1m3/min
Grounding: grounding independently, grounding resistance ≯1Ω

Current Waveform
Front time
Time to half value
Reverse current peak
Range of maximum discharge current
Range of residual voltage
Impulse lifetime
Impulse lifetime of 120kA several hundred thousandtimes
IEC-61643 and UL1449