POE surge protector device RJ45


- POE surge protector device RJ45, suitable for application of POE cable-powered server, wireless AP, network cameras, network switches and other communications equipment supply, network signal line surge protection, integrated design, easy installation.
- Adopt power supply + signal surge protection intergrated design.
- Use high quality main component with excellent performance.
- Small insertion loss, good trnasmission rate.
- Low residual voltage, efficient surge protection effect.
- Fast response, stable performance, reliable working.
- Small size, convenient application, maintenance free.
1.Dimension and Drawing of POE signal surge protector device FS-RJ45/POE-100

2.Electrical parameters of POE signal surge protector device FS-RJ45/POE-100

Product Name   POE Surge Protector Device
Model No.   FS-RJ45/POE
Line   Power Supply Line Signal Line
Nominal Working Voltage Un DC48V 5V
Max. cont. Opertating Voltage Uc 50V 6V
Nominal Discharge Current (8/20µs) In 3kA 2.5KA/line
Max. discharge current (8/20µs) Imax 5kA 5KA
Protection level (8/20µs,5kA) Up L-L 150V L-L 30V
L-PE 600V L-PE 300V
Transmission rate   --- 100Mbps
Insertion loss   --- ≤0.5dB
Interface port type   RJ45: + (4, 5); - (7, 8) RJ45: 1, 2, 3, 6
Shell   Aluminum alloy
Dimension   83*40*25mm
Installation   Tie up
Environment   Temperature: -40~+85℃, Relative Humidity ≤95%(25℃)
Shell protection level   IP20


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