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Portable Surge Generator

Item No: FPT15-I
Portable design, for on-site testing.
Max. discharge current 2.5kA.
Realized one-key operation of charging and discharging.
220Vac power input.

Product Description

FPT15-I Portable surge generator is designed for on-site testing of surge protective device and lightning strike counter.
The surge generator is able to release max. discharge current 2.5kA, realized one-key operation of charging and discharging. Press the green “Start” button, the surge generator starts charging, the relay starts counting time until the device stop charging, while discharging. When time relay’s indication light off, the test end.

1. Surge protective device function stimulating testing,

This vedio showes you how surge protective device protect your equipment.
From the vedio you can see, with SPD installed, the bulb is working in good condition, but after pulling SPD without installation, the bulb is damaged.
It is tested by FATECH
FPT15-I. Please click here to view the video.

2.Lightning strike counter testing, for the test video, please click here

Before the testing, the counter number is "11", during the testing, after surge generating, you can see the number changed to "12". The lightning counter record lightning times successfully.

3. Electrical parameters:

1. General
Case Material
Operation Temp
Operation Humidity
Storage Temp
Power Supply
220V AC
Technical data
Allowable Tolerance of Impulse Current
Front time
Time to half value
Surge current
Over-impulse range
Max Charging Voltage
Power consumption
Charging Voltage Display
4 Digital LED display

For detailes info, please feel free to call us or send email to sales@fatech-surge-protection.com.