Brief introduction and features of FATECH surge arresters(surge protective device, SPD)

The follows is the brief introduction of FATECH surge arresters (surge protective device, SPD) as follows,
1.        FATECH surge arresters are pluggable surge arrester, which adopt the same operating principle and choice criteria as the compact SPDs, and are composed of a base, a neutral cartridge and one or more phase cartridges. The features of pluggable version is as below:
a.        You can now change only the cartridge or cartridges that have actually failed when they reach the end of their service life.
b.        In order to change the cartridge one has to open the electrical switchboard’s inner door (qualified personnel).
c.        The live contacts are inaccessible during the withdrawal phase thanks to a plastic side wall on the cartridge.
d.       Installation times are consequently much shorter since it isn’t necessary to disconnect and rewire the device.
e.        Their technical performance has also been improved: the voltage protection level Up of the surge protective devices is even lower, thus ensuring greater protection.
2.        The functions of indicative window and signaling operation status
a.        signaling operation status
The surge protective device bases feature an auxiliary remote contact for signaling the end of the product’s service life that makes it possible to activate an alarm light or buzzer remotely using a change-over contact when one or more of the cartridges installed on it reach the end of their service lives.
b.        Indicative window
The cartridge has an indicative window, it’s easy to monitor the cartridge operating status and maintain the surge protective device products.
3.        The surge protective devices of FATECH are applying to protection class B, C, and D, and the surge protective devices apply to network both of 230/400V and 120/208V, Un (nominal voltage) 230V and 120V, the Uc (max. cont. operation voltage) is available of 150V, 275V, 320V, 385V, 420V, 600V, 720V (The choice of Uc is depend on the power supply system).
a.        Class B/I, Type 1 lightning arresters:
Our lightning arresters – Class I FV100B/1-255, FV50B/1-255, FV25B/1-255, are class I/B, type 1 lightning current surge protective devices, which are claimed to be installed in locations with high risk possibilities of lightning strike direct impacts. They are wildely used for over-voltage protection in all kinds of Class I power supply (class B). The surge protector is usually installed in the entrance of line of main low voltage power distributor or the main low voltage switch cabinet in the building.
b.        Class C/II, Type 2 surge arresters:
    Our surge arresters – class II FV20C/3+NPE, FV20C/4, FV20C/2, and FV20C/1 are class C/II, type 2 lightning current surge protective devices, are the most commonly used due to the good compatibility with protection level and the existing electrical equipment in the industry. Another advantage of using class C surge protectors in respect to Class B surge arrester, is the response time, they have25ns whilst class B surge arrester has a response time100ns. It is generally used in sub-distribution board and distribution board of computer center, telecom equipment room, elevator control room, cable television room, building self-controlled room, public security control center, fire protection center, industrial self – controlled room, frequency transposition equipment control room, hospital operation room, guardian room and places with electronic medical equipment. It also can be installed in the main distribution board of small residence.
c.        class D/III, type 3 surge protector:
Our surge protector – class III FV10D/1, FV10D/2, FV10D/3+1, FV10D/4 are Class III surge protector. They can meet the protection requirement of power equipment terminal and are generally installed in the leading end of the equipment or near socket in airport, computer network, intelligent buildings and civil house. Residual voltage in these surge protectors is much lower and compatible with all electrical and electronic equipment.
4.        the choice according to grounding system
TT / TN-S: a. 3 MOV cartridge + 1 GDT cartridge
            FV10D/3+NPE, FV20C/3+NPE, FV30B/3+NPE
 b. 2 MOV cartridge + 1 GDT cartridge (they will be ready in the middle of April)
            FV10D/2+NPE, FV20C/2+NPE, FV30B/2+NPE
          c. 1 MOV cartridge + 1 GDT cartridage
            FV10D/1+NPE, FV20C/1+NPE, FV30B/1+NPE
IT / TN-C: a. 1 MOV cartridge: FV10D/1, FV20C/1, FV30B/1;
b. 2 MOV cartridges: FV10D/2, FV20C/2, FV30B/2;
c. 3 MOV cartridges: FV10D/3, FV20C/3, FV30B/3 (they will be ready in the middle of April);
d. 4 MOV cartridges: FV10D/4, FV20C/4, FV30B/4.

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