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ESE Lightning Rod 790mm

Item No: FLR-03/2
- Leader ESE lightning rods, used for all kinds of buildings direct lighting protection.
- Under same height conditions, the protection area is larger than ordinary lightning rods.
- Adopt advanced technology, and material, with excellent acid-proof, corrosion-proof effect.
- With strong wind bearing ability.
- Rod part is made from special material, with stronger air termination withstand capacity.
- Simple construction, convenient installation.

Product Description

1.ESE lightning rod 790mm Electrical parameters

Operating temperature
Relative humidity
Operating environment
Height (L)
Max. Diameter of the rod (M)
Diameter of Flange (T)
Thickness of Flange
Fixup orifice of Flange
φ10(mm)x 4
Housing material
Stainless steel
Max. impulse current Iimp
300 kA
wind bearing
No. of main rod

2.ESE lightningrod 790mm installation

To install a ESE lightning rodmust strictly followthe standard IEC/TC81 61024

--"building lightning protection design code"

1.According tothe protectedarea,buildingheight,application place lightning

strike days and geographical environment,building usepropertiesto

determine thebuilding lightning protectioncategory.

2.According to thelightning protection categoryand buildingarea,to

selectone ortwo pieces pre-discharge lightning rod.

3.Down conductor must be connected twobuilding’smain reinforcement,

orto arrange two or more than two pieces down conductor according to

the provisions.

4.Down conductorshould bedisconnectedcardandin the vicinity of

the groundinsulation protection.

5.Grounding,grounding resistance shouldbeexecutedin accordance with the requirements of IEC/TC81 61024.

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