Lightning surge counters

Reset Function Mechanical Lightning Counter
New outdoor Lightning Counter, analogue type, electromechanical 4 digits display, with reset function, no battery need. Installation window dia. 30mm. Metal plate enclosure.
Small Size 6 Digits Lightning Counter
Small Size outdoor lightning counter,Analogue type, no battery need. Installation window dia. 30mm. Quick and easy installation. Metal plate enclosure.lightning counter can count the thunderstorm during the certain time of surge protection products installed, and to give suggestion for choose which surge protection products.
multi-function lightning strike counter digital
multi-function lightning strike counter, digital type,can recording lightning/surge event times, monitoring SPD working status, and/or the front breaker working status.
RS485 communcation lightning counter
RS485 communcation lightning counter, digital type, could be communicate with PC; reading, storage and clear lightning counter data through the installation of specialized communication software, communication between PC/computer and lightning counter by connected with twisted pair cable, communication distance could be 1000m.
LCD display, reset function digital type lightning counter
Digital lightning counter with LCD display, reset function, time clock function. It Can register 0~125 of lightning strikes, the data won’t be lost in case of power failure, Can check the real time (year/month/day/hour/minute/second) of each lightning strike. Number counting repetition up to 1 million times.